Parents are expected to follow St. Anthony Parish policy with regard to sacramental preparation and celebration with their children. This policy will be explained more fully at the parent/child sessions held in conjunction with each sacrament.

It is the expectation that Confirmation candidates:

  • Be baptized
  • Be participating regularly in Sunday Mass with their families
  • Be prepared through a Confirmation formation program including Spirit Camp, a retreat, service to the parish and community at large.

Confirmation Sponsors

The role of the sponsor is to help the candidate throughout his/her life to fulfill his or her baptismal promises. The sponsor should be one whose positive influence on the candidate is permanent and strong; hence it is not just an honorary title, but also a responsibility to set a good Catholic example. In conformity with the new Code of Canon Law:

  • Parents may not be sponsors. 
  • Sponsors must be at least 16 years old.
  • Sponsors must be Catholics who have been confirmed, receive Eucharist and practice the Faith. (“Practicing” means, in the case of an adult, being registered in a parish, frequenting the Sacraments, regularly attending Mass and is in a valid marriage.)
  • Sponsors must have a Letter of Eligibility from the pastor of their present parish.