Pastoral Council

ORDAINED MINISTRY                   

Msgr. Stephen P. McHenry     Pastor

Fr. Michael Saban,                   Parochial Vicar

Deacon Kevin Gentilcore       Deacon

Deacon Michael Cuff                   Deacon

 EX OFFICIO MEMBERS              Parish Ministry

Mrs. Christy Cincotta                  Director/Pre-School and Day Care/Youth & Family

Mrs. Maria Stumpf                    Director/Children’s Faith Formation

Mrs. Barbara Daly                       Pastoral Associate

Ms. Rebeca Perez                      Coordinator of Family Outreach and Evangelization


Dr. Robert Bonner                               

 Mrs. Jennifer Sowden                          

Mrs. Linda Reeves                               

Ms. Lisa Campo                                                      

Mrs. Pat Crane    

Sue  Sowinski

Mr. Jim Dooley                                    

Mr. Frank Barger    

Ellen Campbell                                                                       

Steve Laux                                           

Sharon Wright