New Podcast Inspired by Blessed Carlo Acutis!

The Acutis Initiative podcast, by Eddie Garcia, 
Catholic teen from our own parish
“I learned a bit about blessed Carlo Acutis at church and a little bit at school the week of his beatification. The thing that really struck me about him was how he died so young (15 years old) and how he used technology to bring people closer to Christ. I heard a small talk on Blessed Carlo Acutis and at the end I remember the person said, “We can complain about the fact that people aren’t coming to church, we can complain about how people are getting further away from Christ, we can complain about all the evil in this world, and we can question why the world is the way it is today but the real question is what are YOU going to do about it!” That stayed with me, a small seed you could say and I decided to follow Blessed Carlo’s example in using the internet to bring people closer to Christ.  So I invite all of you to listen to my podcast and hopefully God can use my podcast as an instrument to bring people closer to Him. My name is Eddie Garcia, and this is The Acutis Initiative.” 
  • The Acutis Initiative podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or anywhere you listen to podcasts.